Grant Greek exterior

Grant Creek

A new residence nestled into a wooded hillside on a seven-acre property outside Missoula, Montana. Designed for an active young family, the house is a wood frame, cedar clad building oriented to minimize exposure to inclement weather from the north and maximize solar gain and views south across a larch covered hillside. A single, continuous copper shed roof shelters the building. Primary living spaces are located on the upper floor with sleeping, recreation and service functions below, partially submerged below grade, and open towards the creek, the pool and the spa. An open plan and ample natural light nurtures the modern family lifestyle through all seasons. A 'tatami-box' inserted into the living room re-conceives the dining experience and pays homage to the client's period of residence in Japan.

Grant Greek exterior
Grant Greek interior
Grant Greek kitchen
Grant Greek dining room
Grant Greek bathroom
Grant Greek exterior
Grant Greek swimming pool
Grant Greek bathroom
Grant Greek

Location: Missoula, MT
Contractor: Sharkey Construction
Building Area: 6,000sf
Completion: 2008
Photography: Lara Swimmer