LIKELIHOOD - rendering

This new and enlarged 3,000 sf retail space spotlights the creativity and ingenuity of featured brands and offers a gathering space for the LIKELIHOOD community. The store design is inspired by an art gallery, with bright white walls and displays, mirrored dressing rooms, and a ceiling of “cloud lights”. The minimal palette and abstracted materials provide a stage for the colorful brands. The signature element of the space is a tiered stadium display, a massive central staircase that’s peppered with shoes, running 36-feet-long, conceived as a single monolithic form - flawless without seams or joints. Highlighting the stadium are the internally illuminated ceiling panels that flood the products below in a brilliant glow. The gallery-like space is punctuated with reflections bouncing from the mirror-clad fitting rooms, the illuminated floating shelves feature coveted fragrances, and a serpentine stainless-steel garment rack weaves throughout the store, holding a continuous display of apparel. Works by local artists bring warmth to the space such as a custom white oak bench for fitting shoes, the Douglas fir vitrines bring accessories and jewelry up close for viewing, and the vibrant paintings of Brian Sanchez compliment the products.​